Get Settlements

Use this API to add a reconciliation ledger to your application


The Settlements API is a tool that enables your application to help your users reconcile payment activity. It facilitates the aggregation of transactional data into settlement records, directly corresponding with the merchants' bank account activities. This endpoint is crucial for platforms to deliver a comprehensive and accurate financial accounting to their merchants.


  • Settlement Records: Provides a structured list of merchant settlements, clearly differentiated as either debits or credits, along with the "reason
  • Efficient Reconciliation Process: Enhances the platform's capability to offer an integrated reconciliation feature, reducing the need for external reconciliation processes.
  • Financial Clarity and Accuracy: Assists in maintaining accurate financial records by correlating internal payment records with bank settlements.

Fields and values

All API requests should include fields detailed in the General Implementation Rules


Unlike other API endpoints, you don't need to pass in specific Merchant API credentials to interact with this endpoint

More format details can be found on the API Reference page

Request Fields

The following values are specific to retrieving a settlement report:

Field NameUsageField Value Format Constraints
CommandRequiredSet to ECheckReports.GetSettlements
DateFromRequiredThe beginning date in the date range you want to query. Traditional and ISO 8601 date formats accepted.
DateToRequiredThe ending date in the date range you want to query. Traditional and ISO 8601 date formats accepted
MerchantIDOptionalLimit the results to a single ACHQ merchant account


MerchantID is an optional field. If no value is passed, the API will return settlement records for all merchants associated with your platform

Request Sample

  "ProviderID": "99",
  "Provider_GateID": "test",
  "Provider_GateKey": "test",
  "Command": "ECheckReports.GetSettlements",
  "CommandVersion": "2.0",
  "DateFrom": "2023-12-01",
  "DateTo": "2023-12-08",
  "MerchantID": "2001"

Response Fields

Field NameDescription
SettlementIDThe unique identifier assigned to this specific settlement
MerchantIDThe ACHQ merchant account identifier
SettlementTypeSpecifies the exact type of settlement into or out of the merchant's account.
EffectiveDateThe date that the merchant's bank should show as the post date for this settlement amount on your bank statement. The date format will follow ISO 8601 standards.
AmountThe amount of the settlement
TransferDirectionThis field will indicate the "Transfer Type" and either contain Credit, indicating a funds transfer into the merchant bank account or Debit indicating a funds transfer out of the merchant bank account
ItemCountThe number of payment items responsible for this settlement amount
BankDescriptorIDA funds transfer ID that may appear on the merchant bank statement. Availability may be bank dependent.

Response Sample

  "CommandStatus": "Approved",
  "Description": "Command Successful. Approved.",
  "ErrorInformation": null,
  "ExpressVerify": {
    "Status": null,
    "Code": null,
    "Description": null
  "ResponseData": [
      "SettlementID": "64b7811c-f631-4bc6-9eaf-d2f45356cf9e",
      "MerchantID": "2001",
      "SettlementType": "Settlement for ACH Debits",
      "EffectiveDate": "2023-12-01T00:00:00",
      "Amount": 55300.19,
      "TransferDirection": "Credit",
      "ItemCount": 21,
      "BankDescriptorID": null
      "SettlementID": "797b23ab-9e0f-40cb-a485-b361f0427b75",
      "MerchantID": "2001",
      "SettlementType": "Offset for ACH Credits",
      "EffectiveDate": "2023-12-01T00:00:00",
      "Amount": 36.4,
      "TransferDirection": "Debit",
      "ItemCount": 6,
      "BankDescriptorID": null
  "ACHQToken": null,
  "Provider_TransactionID": null,
  "TransAct_ReferenceID": "19023039",
  "ResponseCode": "000"


Full API reference here

What’s Next

Once you've received the "SettlementID" you can get payment level details for a Settlement record