Platform Features



With ACHQ Embed we bring together everything platforms need to onboard businesses, manage payments, beat fraud and more.

You can provide a faster, simplified customer experience to your users. We've developed an awesome customer onboarding experience that allows you to grow at scale. Use the Enrollment API to manage your customer's journey from start-to-finish or just drop-in one of our embedded onboarding forms and let us handle the UI.

Either way - activate your merchants with no document collection. Yep, that's right. We take care of all the messy data for KYB/KYC behind the scenes. Stop making so many manual decisions and let us automate your onboarding process.

  • Better digital experience with more automatic approvals
  • Save engineering resources with our simple API or embedded form
  • Prevent more fraud by leveraging more data
  • Get updates via webhooks or Slack


ACHQ’s payments API enhances the existing patchwork of systems and relationships built on legacy banking infrastructure.

Design your own flow

Send, receive, or facilitate payments via one API

Bank Agnostic

Our system works with any US bank - and we remain invisible to your end user.

Faster Payment

Same-day debits and credits, next-day credits, weekend processing. Fully compliant.

Balance verification

Send us an token from an open banking API like Plaid and we’ll confirm the funds are there before we debit.


Fully tokenized

Any time you create a customer, add a bank account, or send in a payment we’ll return an encrypted token for future use. Pass around unique identifiers instead of sensitive data.

Bulk payments

Keep the technical overhead down with the bulk API endpoint and create 1000s of payments at once

Robust Queing

Don’t worry about rate limits - we’ve built in redundancy to ensure sub 300ms reponse time no matter the scale

Balance verification

Send us an token from an open banking API like Plaid and we’ll confirm the funds are there before we debit.


Define your own key-value pairs in every call. If you need a field and we don’t have it - make it.


Subscribe to any event and receive automatic notifications

Account Verification and Ownership Authentication endpoints

You will never need micro-deposits again


The ACHQ Sentry platform leads a new era of fighting fraud while creating outstanding customer experiences.

We analyze risk across the entire user journey and power real-time decisions that reduce losses, increase sales, and boost efficiency. We adapt to each merchant's unique fraud patterns and deliver accurate results with our global network of data, so our customers can scale worrying about bad actors.

Bank account insights

API-based bank account verification and ownership authentication provide a high-surety, low-friction solution and ensure compliance with the latest Nacha rules

Connect to your favorite open-banking provider

ACHQ has partered with Plaid and MX to process user bank tokens directly from our API

Risk signals

Detect the likelihood of a bank-initiated or customer-initiated return

Risk tiers

Indicate whether this transaction is high, medium or low risk

Risk insights

Nearly 40 different data points that provide greater visibility into the factors contributing to the assigned tier

Automatic OFAC/AML

We scan every transaction so you don’t have to