Tokenize a bank acount

Convert sensitive bank data into an encrypted token for use with the ACHQ API


ACHQ provides tokenization of bank accounts as an optional service for your platform's benefit and security. Bank tokens can be created independently of a transaction via the Create a token endpoint.

While best practices dictate that all bank account data is tokenized, we recommend storing at least the Bank Name and Last 4 Digits of all bank accounts in your system. It is important to display this information to end-users when a transaction is authorized or initiated.

Tokens can be created in one of two ways:

  1. A stand-alone API request as detailed below
  2. As part of a transaction via Create a payment (bank account)

Fields and values

All API requests should include the fields detailed in the General Implementation Rules.

The following values are specific to creating a bank token:

Field NameUsageDescription
Provider_TransactionIDOptionalAn external ID which can be used for traceability between your application and ACHQ
CheckTypeRequiredValue must be Personal or Business
AccountTypeRequiredValue must be Checking or Savings
RoutingNumberRequiredABA routing number on customer’s check
AccountNumberRequiredCustomer’s bank account number


  "CommandStatus": "Approved",
  "Description": "Command Successful.  Approved.",
  "ErrorInformation": null,
  "ExpressVerify": {
    "Status": null,
    "Code": null,
    "Description": null
  "ResponseData": null,
  "ACHQToken": "achq-sandbox-3ff6d-b64fd-5a8a5",
  "Provider_TransactionID": "21321312",
  "TransAct_ReferenceID": "14469220",
  "ResponseCode": "000"

Full API reference here