Get Settlement Details

Use this API to get line item payment details for a settlement record


The "Settlement Details" API endpoint offers detailed insights into individual payment items for a specific settlement. It is crucial for software applications to provide detailed breakdowns of settlement activity.


Get settled

You need a SettlementID from the Get Settlements endpoint before making requests to this service.


  • Detailed Transaction Breakdown: Provides a comprehensive list of individual payment items within a settlement.
  • Efficient Reconciliation: Enhances the reconciliation process within your software application, reducing the need for external tools.
  • Financial Clarity and Accuracy: Assists in maintaining precise financial records by linking payment details with settlements.

Fields and Values

All API requests should include fields detailed in the General Implementation Rules


Unlike other API endpoints, you don't need to pass in specific Merchant API credentials to interact with this endpoint

More format details can be found on the API Reference page

Request Fields

The following values are specific to retrieving settlement report details:

Field NameUsageField Value Format ConstraintsMax Length
CommandRequiredSet to ECheckReports.GetSettlementItems-
SettlementIDRequiredUnique identifier for the settlement to be queried.50
PageSizeOptionalNumber of items per page (up to 500 max)3
PageNumberOptionalPage number for the report3

Request Sample

  "ProviderID": "99",
  "Provider_GateID": "test",
  "Provider_GateKey": "test",
  "Command": "ECheckReports.GetSettlementItems",
  "CommandVersion": "2.0",
  "SettlementID": "64b7811c-f631-4bc6-9eaf-d2f45356cf9e",
  "PageNumber": "1",
  "PageSize": "500"

Response Fields

The ResponseData field in the API response will contain a nested JSON object where the parent object is a slightly modified Settlement object that contains all of the summary details of the settlement, some paging information, and an array of SettlementItems object showing relevant details of the payments that make up the settlement.

Parent Object Fields

Field NameType/FormatDescription
SettlementIDString (UUID format)Unique identifier for the specific settlement
MerchantIDStringACHQ merchant account identifier
SettlementTypeStringType of settlement (e.g., ACH Debits, ACH Credits)
AmountDecimalTotal amount of the settlement
PaymentDirectionString ("Credit" or "Debit")Indicates funds transfer direction
ItemCountIntegerNumber of payment items in the settlement
BankDescriptorIDStringFunds transfer ID on the bank statement
PageNumberIntegerPage number of the returned items
PageSizeIntegerNumber of items per page in the response
SettlementItemsJSON ArrayArray of individual SettlementItems objects

SettlementItems Object Fields

Field NameType/FormatDescription
Transact_ReferenceIDStringUnique ID for the payment item
CustomerNameStringCustomer name associated with the payment
CompanyStringCompany name associated with the payment
ProcessDateString (ISO 8601 Date)Date of Federal Reserve processing
SameDayACHBooleanIndicates if processed as Same-Day ACH
AmountDecimalAmount of the payment
PaymentDirectionStringDirection of payment (FromCustomer or ToCustomer)
DescriptionStringDescription of the payment
MerchantReferenceIDStringInternal identifier for the payment
Provider_TransactionIDStringIdentifier assigned by Platform Provider


Payments all the way down

Use Transact_ReferenceID/MerchantReferenceID /Provider_TransactionID to correlate settlement items to existing payment records in your database

Response Sample

  "CommandStatus": "Approved",
  "Description": "Command Successful. Approved.",
  "ErrorInformation": null,
  "ExpressVerify": {
    "Status": null,
    "Code": null,
    "Description": null
  "ResponseData": {
    "SettlementID": "3d5608cd-af70-4009-83d2-7234f1a6d72b",
    "MerchantID":" 2001",
    "SettlementType": "Settlement for ACH Debits",
    "Amount": 52874.72,
    "PaymentDirection": "Credit",
    "ItemCount": 21,
    "BankDescriptorID": null,
    "PageNumber": 1,
    "PageSize": 2,
    "SettlementItems": [
        "Transact_ReferenceID": "18127667",
        "CustomerName": "Alberta Smith",
        "Company": null,
        "ProcessDate": "2023-11-20T00:00:00",
        "SameDayACH": false,
        "Amount": 623.67,
        "PaymentDirection": "FromCustomer",
        "Description": null,
        "MerchantReferenceID": "8c01e663-0490-408e-9760-0deb081c12ed",
        "Provider_TransactionID": null
        "Transact_ReferenceID": "18147421",
        "CustomerName": "John Doe",
        "Company": null,
        "ProcessDate": "2023-11-20T00:00:00",
        "SameDayACH": false,
        "Amount": 291.67,
        "PaymentDirection": "FromCustomer",
        "Description": null,
        "MerchantReferenceID": "e9f2c35e-1004-409f-8d16-b5891e3b2c62",
        "Provider_TransactionID": null
  "ACHQToken": null,
  "Provider_TransactionID": null,
  "TransAct_ReferenceID": "19064342"


Full API reference here