Application testing

Sandbox and developer mode

Application Testing

The ACHQ API supports sandbox, development and production modes through a single API endpoint. Please note the following methods for differentiating and controlling your integration mode for the ACHQ SpeedChex API:

Sandbox Mode - ACH payments are sent to a Sandbox account where they are captured, stored and show up in status tracking reports and queries - but they are never sent to the Federal Reserve for processing. You must use the following credentials for sending payments to the Sandbox account

Development Mode - In Development mode, ACH payments are submitted to the ACHQ API using your production credentials with a TestMode parameter set to "On". Payments submitted in this mode will receive a valid success or failure response, but unlike Sandbox and Production modes - these ACH payments are never stored on the ACHQ platform for processing or made available for reporting and status tracking queries.

The following sandbox credentials and bank account rules may be helpful for testing your integration:

Sandbox Credentials


One number to rule them all

Use a value of "123123123" as the routing number for all testing scenarios

Test Bank AccountSandbox Testing Scenarios
111111111Transaction status marked as Returned NSF on the next banking business day
222222222Transaction status marked as Returned Other (administrative return) on the next banking business day
444444444Transaction status gets marked Cleared and then it gets marked to Charged Back on the next business day
987654321Transaction fails Express Verify and is immediately rejected
999999999Fails bank account ownership authentication on the Echeck.VerifyPlus command
All other account numbersPasses all bank account verifications.
3rd-party tokenprocessor-sandbox-74fb6a84-c434-41bb-8c3f-dd71fd1c18c9
ACHQ tokenachq-sandbox-3ff6d-b64fd-5a8a5


Don't use sensitive data when testing

Merchant ID 2001 is a public test account. Any information you transmit may be viewed by users running the ACHQ demo. This includes payment accounts, names, addresses, phone numbers, and email addresses. Please always use fabricated test information.