Response Codes

In response to any command, the ACHQ API will return a JSON formatted response indicating whether the command succeeded or failed and any additional information necessary to interpret the response. The following table defines the field values that will be returned in every response and their meaning:

Response Template

Field NameDescriptionValues
CommandStatusIndicates the success or failure of the API request- Approved
- Declined
- Error
ResponseCodeA 3 digit code indicating API success or reason for failureRefer to Response Code Definitions
DescriptionDescription of the ResponseCode valueRefer to Response Code Definitions
ErrorInformationAdditional information to help determine the source of an error.Refer to Response Code Definitions
ResponseDataPlease see the documentation for the specific endpoint to be issued for an explanation of the possible value(s) for this field.This is a generic object that can take the form of any scalar or complex object called for by the command that is issued.
ACHQTokenA unique token that can be used to represent the supplied bank routing and account information on any future payments.A token will only be generated if directed requested on the Create_ACHQToken parameter
Transact_ReferenceIDA unique ID assigned by ACHQ to each API eventThis value can be used as a unique transaction identifier
Provider_TransactionIDThis value is provided by your platform with each API callAn external ID which can be used for traceability between your application and ACHQ

Response Code Definitions

Response CodeDescription
0Request Successful. Approved.
100Invalid Gateway Credentials
101Invalid Gateway Command
102Duplicate Command Not Processed
103Transaction Cannot Be Modified
104Batch Cannot Be Modified
105Invalid Transact_ReferenceID
106Invalid BatchID
107Non-Unique Reference/Transaction ID
108Invalid Reference/Transaction ID
109Invalid Source IP
110Invalid Value In Message
150Required Field Missing
151Field Value Is Not Valid
152Field Value Exceeds Maximum Length
209Invalid Routing Number
210Invalid Bank Account Number
212Invalid ACHQToken
300Transaction was Declined by Processor
301Transaction was Rejected by Gateway
304Invalid Account Type
305Account Closed
306Account Inactive
600Internal Gateway Error
601Internal Processor Error
603Communication Error with Processor
604Processor Feature Not Available
605Processor Format Error
607Merchant Not Setup
608Merchant Account is Inactive
609Invalid Merchant Configuration